From the Shepherd's Desk by Charles Magaiza

A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.
(Pro 15:4 KJV)

Today I am a witness to the things that I spoke years ago. My words have taken root and become plants bearing fruit. Words will secure the future for you or destroy it. They are a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands.

The tongue that speaks good words is a tree of life. Very few references are given to the tree of life in the Bible after the book of Genesis. Proverbs 15:4 is one of those few. A wholesome tongue is a tongue with curative power. Kind words will destroy the power of disease and sickness but the wrong words will obliterate a happy soul.

Perverseness in the tongue is a breach in the spirit. A breach is a cause for alarm because it means things are not operating as they should. Something has been violated. You seem to be getting away with speaking the wrong words right now but be careful, it is matter of time. You are planting a big tree of death which you will not be able to uproot in the future.

Apostle James calls the tongue a little member boasting great things (James 3:5). A little fire kindles a great matter. It can set on fire a great forest. Such is the tongue; it can ignite a level of matters never imagined. Your rise and fall is on your tongue, your promotion or demotion, your prosperity or poverty is on your tongue. What do you want today? Choose!

Take charge of the little member. Just as you control all the other members of your body at will, control the tongue. Break its liberty to speak the wrong things. Instead, find for it a regime of words that will bring about a tree of life for you; words that will secure your future! Let the fire that your own tongue starts be a fire for warmth, heat that is used for good things. Fire is good, but when it’s not controlled it is devastating.


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