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Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. (Isaiah 3:10 KJV)

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Every action has a reaction and the above scripture clearly shows us that. When you choose to live a righteous life, guided by the word and the Holy Spirit, there is fruit of your actions and you will eat the fruit of your doings. The opposite is true, if you choose an unrighteous path without repentance there is fruit for that too. It might seem exciting at first but as you go along, it will catch up with you.

There are times when one looks at the unrighteous and they seem to be progressing and doing well. They seem to be above the law but the truth is no matter how long, there is fruit. Any fruit bearing tree will bear fruit. It might take time depending on the type of tree but surely there will be fruit!

It is important that you daily examine your life. Are you living by His word to qualify to be called ‘righteous.’ If so, the word today is it shall be well with you. You might make a mistake here and there but teach your heart to be inclined towards repentance. Do not let yourself develop a heart of stone which the Holy Spirit cannot speak to and which God cannot rebuke. Your fruit will be sure.

Don’t cheat others, don’t steal from them! Don’t do things that the Word tells you not to. Align yourself with God’s Word and He will align with you! Then the word ‘It shall be well’ with you will apply. Desist from sin and your fruit will be sure. You might be saying, man of God I have nothing but remember as said above, there will be fruit of your doings and your tree will get to that point of bearing fruit!

I pray for you that your faith be mixed with patience. Whenever the enemy tries to turn you from the way of righteousness the Lord is giving you strength to overcome today.

Declare this
Lord help me to walk in righteousness that you have given as a gift. I choose not to turn to any other way.

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