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And changed his prison garments: and he did continually eat bread before him all the days of his life. (Jeremiah 52:33)

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One thing I have observed in the word of God right from Genesis to Revelation is that those who managed to reap fruit from God’s Word are those who were willing to take action. Without action, there will no results no matter how powerful the prophetic word is!

Abraham was willing to take the new assignment, Moses was willing to go back to Egypt, David was willing to have the oil poured on him even though he was a boy. He was also willing to run towards Goliath even though everybody else was running away! All these were men of action which resulted in a change of story in their lives.

God brings deliverance your way but it is up to you to embrace it. You must be willing to change the prison garments. You are not going to eat bread continually with the king wearing prison garments. God so loved you He delivered you from all the past pains but if you continue wearing the garment of bitterness and unforgiveness there is no next stage. You remain a prisoner!

God delivered you from poverty but nothing will happen unless you get into action with those hands! He is not going to rain money bills from heaven, they would be counterfeit and will not work here. Delivered yes but take off the poverty garment!

As long as you are wearing the prison garment you do not see opportunity. Those who look at you see a prisoner and will shy away from giving you the next level. My question to you is, what direction do you want to take? The next level need a new type of dressing. How are you projecting yourself in the realm of the spirit? You are blessed yes but you must embrace that blessing by force because there is an enemy who wants to keep you a prisoner and has mastered ways of stealing what’s rightfully yours.

Tear off that prison garment! Erase those prison memories! Burn that diary that you recorded how tough it was! Vengeance is of the Lord not yours. He is more excited to see you eating the good of the land.

Declare this,

I change the prison garment to a kingly one! From today on I will sit and eat with kings. I erase all the negative memories. For bitterness, I take love, for unforgiveness I choose forgiveness. I embrace a new me willingly and with action!

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