The word strongholds is often used in Christian circles but rarely do we define what we mean by it. I have found the book of Joshua as a great picture of casting down strongholds and hopefully over the next few days, we can break down the word and be able to pray with direction in terms of what we must deal with during this corporate prayer and fasting.

My definition of a stronghold is ‘a defense system that the enemy has put in place to keep the children of God away from their promises.’ Now this might sound simple to the ear but a deeper meditation of the words can reveal a lot of things. The children of Israel dealt with physical strongholds (things they could see) but on this side of the cross, we often deal with spiritual ones (in hiding). We will go deeper on this.

Joshua 6:10 (AMP)
But Joshua commanded the people, You shall not shout or let your voice be heard, nor shall any word proceed out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout. Then you shall shout!

One of the key things that I need you to grasp today is the word OBEDIENCE and control of your tongue. The words that you speak are powerful beyond measure and have the capacity of bringing your promises to nothing. One might be wondering why their prayers are not receiving answers, examine your words, do you speak in line with God’s word or you just utter things that come into your head?

The walls of Jericho fell because the children of Israel obeyed Joshua who in turn was speaking the word that God had given him. They were quiet when they needed to be quiet and opened their mouths when they shouted upon being asked to. Many lose their blessing through murmuring. Their voices buttered the walls of Jericho and they fell flat. Consider the words of Solomon:

Proverbs 10:19 (AMP)
In a multitude of words transgression is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is prudent.

It is very important that you control your tongue! There are some things that must not be spoken by your lips as there are spiritual beings ready to act on them, your voice is like a signature. Do you know that your voice is unique as your finger prints? Institutions like banks now are putting systems in place in which they say when you call the systems will recognize your voice and they will not need to do all the checks they used to do in the past. Today as you pray, decide to sign what you must sign with your voice.

Cast away sin! OBEDIENCE to God’s word is key. Obey His voice and His command. Don’t let sin take over your life again otherwise your salvation is just an invalid story. There are things the Holy Spirit will speak in your heart (inner man), don’t delay to obey! Be quick as that will ensure strongholds fall:

As you pray today:

✔️Seek out areas of disobedience and confess and repent over them.

✔️Seek out areas where your mouth was a free agent and decide to harness your tongue, only speak as God speaks.

✔️ Build your faith strong by reading the word, surely a miracle must take place in these 21 days. Your victory is certain.

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