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…men who, as the result of faith, conquered whole kingdoms, brought about true justice, obtained promises from God, stopped lions’ mouths, deprived fire of its power, escaped being killed by the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put to flight foreign armies. (Heb 11:33-34 WNT)

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Faith is not like the currencies of the nations that change their value from time to time and from place to place. The worth of is inestimable in every nation. With it is the ability to unlock any situation. Faith has always been God’s way- His method and technique which He has extended to us his children to operate in his very league.

Scripture tells us, “With God all things are possible (Matt 19:26).” As the light of this revelation becomes brighter in you, you will see it, “Only believe and all things are possible to him that believes (Mark 9:23).” Faith is a method of Deity and coming into the life of faith is transformational- it raises one to a level of operation as of the Father.

Hebrews shows us that some of the Old Testament folk plugged into this life of faith and they were never the same. They pulled off tremendous feats through faith but they never got the fulfilment of the great promise- the Messiah Christ Jesus.

From the history of faith, we perceive that it conquers whole kingdoms, it brings about true justice, it obtains promises from God, and it stops the mouths of lions. When Daniel was thrown into that den of lions, he was so full of faith it evoked a wall of protection around him. By faith, thrown in the fire, they deprived fire of its power. This fire that was heated seven times over but faith penetrated it and held the power of fire captive. This is strong! Faith dispossessed fire of its power. Faith gave escapes from death by the sword. Faith touched those that were weak and they made comebacks and becoming mighty in war they put foreign armies to flight. Every foreign army that was invading you is going down today!

Faith is a multipurpose weapon, an instrument that is precise in its implementation. It snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. It turns a death bed into a starting point. It redefines what is known as reality. It operates in the order of deity with supernatural results all the time.

Today, you can operate this instrument called faith over your situation. You can employ faith over that marriage and job; you can evoke it over that business. Let faith be the precision instrument of the surgeon to remove that cancer. Let faith pin point that virus in your body and eliminate it. Let faith turn things around in your life and bring about unfathomable victories. Faith places you in a higher order of victory.

Declare this,
From today, I will walk by faith and not by sight!

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Charles Magaiza

Charles Magaiza is the President of El Shaddai World Ministries with a teaching and preaching career spanning over 12 years. Charles is also the Pastor of the fast growing El Shaddai Family Churches in South Africa and also author of the highly motivational From the Shepherd’s Desk which reaches thousands of people every week all over the world. He is an author of a number of published books including Breaking the Invisible Barriers ©2003, Shake It Off ©2005 and No Limits ©2006). All the three publications are available in major book stores in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and other countries. He has transformed the lives of many people through regular presentations to seminars, conferences and workshops. He is also the founder of Purpose Clinic (www.purposeclinic.com), an organization that helps people both young and old realize their purpose and pursue it. This is done through a solid mentorship programme, workshops, seminars and camps.

16 thoughts on “EXPLOITS THROUGH FAITH (PART 5)”

  1. Faith raises one to a level of operation as of the Father- too deep!
    Faith obtains promises from God!
    It stops the mouths of lions!
    Faith evokes a wall of protection around me – oh too much!!!
    Faith snatches victory from the jaws of defeat!!!!
    From today I will walk by Faith and not by sight
    Thank you Apostle

  2. Thank you Apostle!
    I will walk by faith not by sight. By faith I snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, turn every death bed into a starting point and redefine what is known as reality!

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