Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. (Psalms 19:14 KJV)

The power of words is something that has been spoken about over and over again but as I read this verse from Psalms, it set my mind thinking. Yes I have taught before on the power of the tongue and I have also read this verse several times but I started getting conviction on the secrets in this verse. King David in this verse shows us a number of secrets to answered prayer.


The first secret is that we must speak the word. This may sound simple but it is loaded. You must vocalize or speak the word of God. You must call to Him in prayer. The words you speak must be in line with His own Word. When you speak as He speaks, you are brought in line with your miracle. What does He say about the state of things around you? Speak the same thing! Don’t speak anything that is contrary! Don’t just wish for things, pray about them, opening your mouth and speaking the desired results. All demons will bow to the spoken word of God.

The second secret is the meditation of the heart. Jesus in Luke 6:45 tells us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The meditation of the heart is important. This is where every good deed and every evil deed originates. What does your heart continuously meditate on? Do you let your heart go astray thinking of things that are not in line with God’s word? Do you meditate on your fears more than the Word of God? Do you meditate on the bad circumstances around you instead of raising your faith and focus on the joy and miracle ahead? Your mouth will only speak what fills your heart. Your victory or failure is an inside job. It begins from the heart, then the mouth and the equation is completed. Whether it’s positive or negative, it depends on you.

The third secret is that there are acceptable words and thoughts in the sight of the Lord. It is therefore important to fill your heart with the word of God resulting in you speaking it in every situation. It will permeate your day to day language and cause you to see life in a different way. This results in the Lord accepting this offering of words and He will show up as your strength and your redeemer. Nothing beats His intervention! When He intervenes, you know your story will change and a miracle will take place!

I pray for you today that you develop a hunger for God’s word that will cause your heart to be full of His word. This will result in you speaking the Word in all situations.

Declare this,
Today I choose to fill my heart with God’s word. I vocalize His word, allowing my mouth to confess the things that He has spoken concerning me and my situation. He is my strength and my redeemer!

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Charles Magaiza

Charles Magaiza is the President of El Shaddai World Ministries with a teaching and preaching career spanning over 12 years. Charles is also the Pastor of the fast growing El Shaddai Family Churches in South Africa and also author of the highly motivational From the Shepherd’s Desk which reaches thousands of people every week all over the world. He is an author of a number of published books including Breaking the Invisible Barriers ©2003, Shake It Off ©2005 and No Limits ©2006). All the three publications are available in major book stores in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and other countries. He has transformed the lives of many people through regular presentations to seminars, conferences and workshops. He is also the founder of Purpose Clinic (, an organization that helps people both young and old realize their purpose and pursue it. This is done through a solid mentorship programme, workshops, seminars and camps.

3 thoughts on “THE WORDS OF YOUR MOUTH”

  1. Amen Papa. Powerful revelation. Today I choose to fill my heart with God’s word. I vocalize His word, allowing my mouth to confess the things that He has spoken concerning me and my situation. He is my strength and my redeemer!

  2. Amen Apostle! Today I chose to fill heart with God’s word. I vocalize His word allowing my mouth to confess the things He has spoken concerning me and my situation. He is my strength and my redeemer!

  3. Amen Apostle, I will meditate upon His Word. I will set my heart upon the Lord not on the storms and circumstances of life. After all the Lord will perfect all that concerns me, He is my strength and my Redeemer .The Holy One of Israel who teaches me how to profit.

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