We are redeemed! – Prayer & Fasting Day 6

From the Shepherd's Desk by Charles Magaiza

In Christ there is so much that has been given to us that we should never overlook. Our lives were revived and we were fished out of the pit within which the enemy had buried us. This happened gave up our rights to the enemy. God’s plan was always to redeem us and He did so. Look at this prophetic word in the book of Psalm:

Psalms 85:10 (KJV)
Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

God has released mercy on you. Righteousness has been given as a gift to us. Peace is part of the package of being a son of God. You have to be bold and claim your rights otherwise the enemy will tease you owing to a lack of knowledge. Rise above all this and declare God’s Word over your life and situation!

As you pray today,
# Do it with the knowledge that mercy has been released on your life.
# Find scriptures that relate to your situation and pray declaring this truth.
# Thank God for the gift of righteousness.
# Declare peace over your life, loved ones and that relates to you.

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Charles Magaiza

Charles Magaiza is the President of El Shaddai World Ministries with a teaching and preaching career spanning over 12 years. Charles is also the Pastor of the fast growing El Shaddai Family Churches in South Africa and also author of the highly motivational From the Shepherd’s Desk which reaches thousands of people every week all over the world. He is an author of a number of published books including Breaking the Invisible Barriers ©2003, Shake It Off ©2005 and No Limits ©2006). All the three publications are available in major book stores in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and other countries. He has transformed the lives of many people through regular presentations to seminars, conferences and workshops. He is also the founder of Purpose Clinic (www.purposeclinic.com), an organization that helps people both young and old realize their purpose and pursue it. This is done through a solid mentorship programme, workshops, seminars and camps.

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